A Great Selection of Bridal Shower Party Supplies

blog-party cityEven though it seems like wedding season is winding down, there were plenty of engagements in the past few months, which means fun events this winter and spring, including bachelorette parties and bridal showers.

Right now, you can get up to 50% the MSRP of bridal shower party supplies at Party City. There are so many different things here to go with just about any theme that the bride could want!

These super cute supplies will provide a strong foundation for a great bridal shower. Of course, you add the fun touches with games and great food. Party City is a one-stop shop for everything you need for a great bridal shower!

These Newborn Baby Clothes Make Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Naartjie Kids-fall newbornIt seems like when my friends and family members are expecting babies, it gets in waves. I’ve found out in the last few weeks that four different family members and friends are expecting babies. I am so excited for these babies to arrive! I’m already so excited to meet the little bundles of joy.

I’m already searching for some great gifts to give these wonderful mommies. I know there’s going to be a ton of baby showers to go to, so I thought it was never too early to start looking!

I really like this sleeper and hat for newborns. It’s from Naartjie, and I love their selection of newborn baby clothes. They’re super cute and priced very reasonably. Check out the selection!

Great Gifts for My Dog at Petco

blog-petcoMy dog is my pride and joy. I’ve had her now for about two years and I’m so glad I got her and brought her into the family.

When I’m looking for high quality products for her at an affordable price, I go to Petco. They have so many products for dogs here that I can make a one stop shop and get everything I need (well…everything she needs). They have food, treats, apparel, collars, toys, kennels, dog beds, bath supplies, steps and ramps, training tools, and so much more.

I really like shopping here, and I signed up for their e-mail list so I can save even more money! Check out their online selection, or in stores if you prefer a traditional store.


The Container Store is Great for an Organization Lover Like Me!

blog-containerI absolutely love organizing things in my home. I feel like there’s always something that can be sorted and stores, and I have to admit that I sometimes take it a little too far.

I recently came across a store that I had never heard of before. I actually got lost off of my route to dinner the other night and ended up going by a place called “Container Store“. Once I saw the sign, I took note and headed back over that way after dinner to check it out.

I really wish I would’ve seen it sooner because I know that I’m going to be heading back here all of the time! They have so many great organization solutions. You have to check it out! My first purchase is this acrylic organizer for my make-up–no more digging through a make-up bag and not being able to find things!


Francesca’s is Worth Checking Out!

blog-fallThere’s a store in my local mall that I like to stop into quite a bit. This looks like a smaller boutique that’s intimate and cute. At first, I thought this was a local store and didn’t realize that they had these stores elsewhere! This store is called Francesca’s and I love it.

This is a woman’s clothing store, and if you don’t have a store near you, you can always shop their great selections online. They have dresses, tops, cardigans, sweaters, skirts, outerwear, denim, jumpsuits, rompers, shoes, jewelry, purses, and so much more. I can find a complete outfit here for almost any occasion. You can pick up plenty of things here as gifts for others, and you can also go with a gift card if you want to play it safe. Check out Francesca’s… I bet you’ll see why I love it so much!